#SepangClash left me numb

The penultimate round. That’s what everyone said about #MalaysianGP .

Rossi came to Sepang with an advantage 11 points ahead Lorenzo. All eyes are on these two amazing riders. The tension is in the air. Well actually, I could sense the tension all the way from round 16 in Phillip Island. Especially from Rossi. From what I saw, The Doctor is not as playful & relax as usual but he tried to look casual. But I can tell he was under a lot of pressure. 

Started the 2015 season with a superb performance in Losail, Rossi is a strong contender to be The World Champion for the 10th time. As his fan, I’m so happy to see his doing quite well race after race. Until…..


Personally I was so sure that Misano is going to be the circuit where Rossi will gain 25 points. To secure his spot at the top. But turned out, the race result was not as I expected. It was a flag to flag race due to track’s changing conditions. Marquez won the race. Rossi was in 5th position. Truth is, this is where my gut told me that things might get a little harder for him to clinch the title. 

And now here we are..hours after witnessing the most intense motoGP battle. The tension sparked on Thursday when Rossi accused Marquez was helping Lorenzo in Phillip Island. Both Spaniard denied the accusation. On FP sessions Rossi looked very iritated with Marquez being around him. The climax of the Sepang drama happened on race day. 

The intense battle between Rossi & Marquez left my heart pounding. Until the incident…well I don’t know if that’s the correct  word for it. But yeah..you know what I mean…

I was speechless. Yes,I want Rossi to clinch The World Champion for the 10th time. I really do, but I think what he did was very unnecessary. 

Let’s (try to) be fair & objective. Let’s just say that maybe..just maybe the accusations were true. That Marquez was helping Lorenzo to clinch the title, hence the aggressive riding towards Rossi. Yes..as a Rossi fan, I didn’t  like to see that kind of aggressiveness. But just like Mike Webb, the race director said

We heard from both riders. Marquez told us that he was just riding his normal race and minding his own business, making passes on Valentino without contact. Which is true. And that he had no intention of disturbing Valentino. 

“Valentino on the other side said it was clear to him that Marc was deliberately slowing down the pace and making it difficult for Valentino to race. That he deliberately ran wide in the turn in order to give himself an advantage in order to get away from Marquez. 
“Finally, we actually believe there is fault on both sides. 
“Despite what Marquez said we think he was deliberately trying to affect the pace of Valentino. However he didn’t actually break any rules. Whatever we think about the spirit of the championship, according to the rule book he didn’t make contact. His passes were clean. He rode within the rules. 
“Valentino reacted to what he saw as provocation from Marquez and unfortunately his reaction was a manoeuvre that was against the rules. It’s irresponsible riding causing a crash. We believe the contact was deliberate. He says he did not want Marquez to crash, but he did want to run him wide.” 

-Fault on both sides
-Technically Marquez didn’t break any rules, his passes were clean

-Rossi was provoked & he did want to make Marquez run wide

What’s inside my head? This is the truth.Yes, I was furious to see what Marquez did to Rossi. For a moment there, I really thought the accusation was true. But..IF it was true, it’s Marquez right to do so. It might not be a pleasant behavior but once again he didn’t break any rules. We never know what’s inside the rider’s head when he’s on the track, right? Who can really know for sure what his motives are. Then again, he was aggressive (maybe even deliberately provoking) but he’s doing it without breaking any rules. 

That puts Rossi in a very tough spot. He was given 3 penalty points & since he already has 1 penalty point, The Doctor has to start the season finale from the back of the grid. 


Just got a quote from Rossi after the race from the press conference:

“Marquez knows it wasn’t red mist that caused the incident. It’s very clear from the helicopter footage that I didn’t want to make him crash, I just wanted to make him lose time, go outside of the line and slow down, because he was playing his dirty game, even worse than in Australia. When I went wide and slowed down to nearly a stop, I looked at him as if to say ‘what are you doing?’. After that we touched. He touched with his right underarm on my leg and my foot slipped off the foot peg. If you look at the image from the helicopter it’s clear that when my foot slipped of the foot peg, Marquez had already crashed. I didn’t want to kick him, especially because, if you give a kick to a MotoGP bike, it won’t crash, it’s very heavy. For me the sanction is not fair, because Marquez won his fight. His program is OK because he is making me lose the championship. The sanction is not good, especially for me, because I didn’t purposefully want to make him crash, I just reacted to his behaviour, but I didn’t kick him. You can’t say anything in the press conference, maybe it changes something, but to me this was not fair, because I just want to fight for the championship with Jorge and let the better man win, but like this that’s not happening. Like I said, I didn’t want to make Marquez crash, but I had to do something because at that moment Jorge was already gone. The championship is not over yet, but this sanction cut me off by the legs and made Marquez win.”

Logically, it is a bit hard to kick down a 150kg-ish bike don’t you think? 

Oh this drama just left me numb.