Tribute To Super Sic….

You were a star…
You brought new sparks to motoGP….
Your riding style is one of a kind…just like your afro hair
You are indeed SUPER…. Super Sic…

Rest in Peace, Simoncelli……


8 thoughts on “Tribute To Super Sic….

  1. rossi says:

    Simoncelli said, “during a race we want to kill another rider, after race we go to hang out and get some beer” … Race in peace supersic 😦

  2. sapingesot says:

    Ga bisa berkata apa2…
    Ditengah keterpurukan the docter dengan ducatinya..cuman supersic yang menghibur penonton motoGP..
    Bahkan sebelum race sepang dimulai..sempet ngetwitt ma tante lucy soal sic bakal podium lagi di sepang (inget ga tante?)
    Tapi sekarang supersic ku sudah ga ada…
    Sekarang supersic sudah ga nahan sakit lagi karena kecelakaan…
    Sekarang supersic sudah tenang disurga…
    Doaku besertamu supersicku…

    Masih keinget kata2 om matteo tentang komentar supersic pasca test ride motor 1000ccnya “aku ga pernah naik motor sekencang ini..tapi aku senang”

  3. Baker says:

    Gosh, such a big loss for Moto GP world that we lost another promising talent. What the hell happened with his helmet ???? Damn it, the officials should improve the better safety for every rider from now on.
    More over, another irony is that Sic just launched his personal website and he left already. Ride In Peace #58, We’ll never forget you Super Sic !!!!

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